State politician lambasts Canberra in every town hall

In today’s edition of the Herald Sun newspaper, Victorian state upper house Coalition MP Phil Davis has written a piece strongly opposing the local government referendum proposal:

The so-called “small” amendment could have big ramifications for our current system of government. The change is designed to give Canberra direct control over local councils by diminishing the role of state governments.

As for the unequal funding distribution for the referendum campaign, which sees the ‘no’ campaign given a miniscule $500,000 compared against the many millions of dollars to the ‘yes’ campaign:

The way in which the Federal Government has mismanaged this debate proves that it cannot be trusted.

The final word of advice that Mr Davis offers is as

The legacy of Julia Gillard’s Labor Government will linger long after she has gone. Do not let her leave a stain on the founding document of our nation. We should leave the Constitution alone and preserve our federal system of government.

You can read the entire piece here.


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