Nothing to hide? Prove it

Richard Littlejohn has written an excellent piece for the UK’s Daily Mail where he talks about the surveillance scandal currently engulfing the US (and now the UK):

Those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear. Every time the State wants to extend its powers, this trite phrase is wheeled out.

Whenever I hear those words I am engulfed by a profound sense of unease. If we have nothing to hide, then why should we have to prove it?

Look, we all accept absolutely that those charged with keeping us safe from terrorism must have the power to track the movements and communications of those who pose a clear and present danger.

The reality is: they’ve got that authority already. And even if they haven’t, I’ve always assumed they did it anyway. That’s their job.

But there have to be limits. And spying on all 60 million of us is a bridge too far.

Most people on this side of the Atlantic would agree with the sentiment expressed by President Obama when the Prism story exploded in the States: ‘You can’t have 100 per cent security and 100 per cent privacy.’ Correct. But nor should we be entitled to zero privacy, either.

You can read the full piece here.


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