Greens senator makes a good point

8866472824_8aaffc80d3_bGreens senator Scott Ludlam has announced that the NSA’s recent spate of spying on its citizenry is an unwarranted breach of online rights. We absolutely agree.

Senator Ludlam will be introducing a bill to parliament next week: the Telecommunications Interception and Access Act (Get A Warrant) Bill 2013.

 The bill plans to amend the Telecommunications Interception Act so a warrant must be obtained to access our private data. As with all warrants, it will only be granted if there a genuine suspicion of an offence having occurred.

The senator is deeply troubled by the implications of the NSA PRISM scandal:

The rationale seems to be if you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear, which is offensive when you apply it to the vast majority of people who aren’t engaged in terrorism…That’s the logic that applies in a police state. That’s the logic straight out of East Germany. We don’t live in North Korea. That logic should not apply in a democracy…If the data is valuable then get a warrant. It’s been done for 100 years and that’s the balance that’s prevailed in democracies for decades and decades.


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