Albanese blames IPA for funding disparity

The IPA seems to get the blame for a lot these days. But Labor MP Anthony Albanese took IPA conspiracy theories to a new level yesterday.

The IPA is standing up against Canberra’s power grab over local councils, and we think it’s outrageous that the government is trying to rig the vote by giving 20 times more taxpayer funds to the ‘yes’ case than the ‘no’ case. When asked about the funding disparity yesterday Albanese had this to say:

I’m always happy to sit down and consider the facts and to make sure that there is broad support for this referendum. But the idea that we’re going to fund either the Institute of Public Affairs to the tune of $10 million or Green Left Weekly for that matter, is I think absurd.

He must think we’re already doing a pretty good job.

You can read the full transcript including Albanese’s comments here.


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