The new weapon

At a recent Sydney launch of Nick Cater’s new book The Lucky Culture, former Prime Minister John Howard has described how the human rights lobby has become

…a new weapon with which to bludgeon people in this country, whether they’re in public life or otherwise, who dissent from the new elite’s view of what is morally acceptable.

The rapid rise of “a morally snobbish intellectual class” has seen the proliferation of NGOs who claim to fight the rampant discrimination and violation of human rights occurring in Australian society. As Mr. Howard points out though, despite their significant efforts they have “failed to unearth convincing evidence of institutionalized discrimination in any layer of public life in Australia.”

The Institute of Public Affairs has written extensively on so-called champions of human rights’ attempts to stifle your freedoms; some very interesting reading may be found here, here, here, and here.

The IPA is having a launch of our own to celebrate Cater’s excellent new book on Monday 13th May.


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