Ratepayer’s money abused for naked power grab

They’ll start flowing in thick and fast. The Australian Local Government Association is amassing a $10 million campaign war chest to fight the referendum on local government. That’s on top of the $11.6 million the Federal government is using to run a defacto ‘yes’ campaign under the banner of a “national civics education campaign”.

Ratepayer’s money is now pouring into ALGA. The City of Melton has already resolved:

1. Confirm its commitment to participate in the national local government ‘Yes’ campaign coordinated by the Municipal Association of Victoria; and

2. Provide a voluntary contribution of $36,764 towards the campaign.

Monash Council is rumoured to be kicking in around $50,000.

If it were not so serious, it would be scary.

$21.6 million of tax and ratepayer’s money is being abused to change the Constitution that limits the power of politicians. The amount of public money to inform voters of the alternative case: $0.

Has there been a more naked effort by politicians to corrupt the Australian political process? The worst thing is Councils lose from this Canberra power grab. The problem is foolish local Councillors cannot see the strings attached to the pot of gold at the end of the referendum rainbow.


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