Portion size regulation? How about government overreach regulation?

If it wasn’t so concerning it would be laughable. A report in today’s UK Telegraph claims that the government is about to issue guidelines for recipes and portion sizes for manufactured foods.

According to the report:

Ministers are set to demand that food manufacturers, cafes and supermarkets reduce the portion size of items high in saturated fat, such as biscuits, doughnuts, milky coffees and cakes.

In response:

A government source said the details behind the pledge would be agreed “shortly”.

If reductions in portion size are required under the terms of the deal, the government would leave it to manufacturers to decide how to comply.

“Some might want to reduce the size of the biscuits or they might want to reduce the size of the packet,” the source said.

A more straightforward solution may be to just allow manufacturers to decide what to make and let consumers decide what they want to buy.

Stunningly, some in the Department of Health have concluded:

there is a risk that smaller portions of items such as biscuits and cakes will simply lead to customers buying more and could fail to reduce their fat intake overall.

Sadly this isn’t the first time politicians and bureaucrats have thought they know what is best to go into people’s mouths. As I highlighted earlier there is already a plan to halt the ‘big plate’ pushers. And my colleague, Chris Berg, pointed out portion size regulation was on the National Preventative Health Taskforce’s wishlist.

It would be easy to dismiss these proposals as more nanny state regulations. But it isn’t. It’s a deliberate attempt to use government to direct sneakily influence people’s choices and another key step to the creation of a technocratic society.


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