FreedomWatch Special Edition: Political Funding and Local Government Referendum


I’m sending you this special edition of FreedomWatch this afternoon because dozens of IPA members have been in touch with me in the last few days about two issues they’re very concerned about: more taxpayer money to political parties and the local government referendum.

Rigging democracy: Even more public funding to political parties

We found out yesterday political parties are going to get even more taxpayer funding. At a time when we should be cutting the budget and saving money we find out political parties are going to share in $41 million over the next four years.

What Wayne Swan said is absolutely laughable – “It’s part and parcel of making sure that our political system is not captured by people with large amounts of money.” That’s cute given he’s defending a deal that’s been negotiated in secret that involves him giving our money to political parties – including his own!

You can read the details of the deal and why it’s so bad here on FreedomWatch. Many members have asked me how they can express their displeasure at what’s happening so at the end of the post we’ve included the email addresses of Mark Dreyfus, the government minister responsible for this, Tony Abbott, and Warren Truss.

The local government referendum is a Canberra power grab

Members have asked me what they can give to their friends and family about the local government referendum. Here it is – we’ve just produced a one page factsheet on why the referendum is a grab for power by Canberra that will weaken local government and weaken our democracy.

Feel free to email it on and send it to as many people as possible. If you’d like to talk to Dr Julie Novak here at the IPA about the referendum please don’t hesitate to ring her at the office on 03 9600 4744 or on her mobile 0408 873 739 or email her on [email protected].

We’ve mentioned some of these articles to you before but in case you haven’t seen them you can read me in the Australian Financial Review, Tim Wilson in The Australian, and Chris Berg in The Sunday Age on the referendum.

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