Australian Crime Commission demands mandatory jail for drugs in sport

The Australian Crime Commission (ACC), in another example of misusing its taxpayer-funded resources, is pushing for legislation to jail persons found guilty of supplying banned peptides and drugs in sport.

The ACC is demanding mandatory minimum three-year prison terms for those guilty of supplying ‘banned’ substances.

In the Sydney Morning Herald today, Jon Pierik outlines that with investigations still ongoing into the AFL’s Essendon, Melbourne and Gold Coast teams, the ACC is now stepping up its self-appointed role as policy advocate in Australian sport.

According to ACC documents:

As with match-fixing legislation, Commonwealth, state and territory governments develop nationally consistent legislation in relation to the trafficking of peptides, hormones and other PIEDs, which makes it an offence, punishable by at least three years’ imprisonment, to supply a person, except those who have a genuine medical requirement, with a WADA-prohibited substance.

Jail is the absolute last resort in criminal sanctions within our legal system. Now the ACC wants mandatory imprisonment for someone guilty of supplying banned substances. These substances are only banned from use by the World Anti-Doping Authority, but not actually made an illegal substance by the law in Australia.

Imagine going to jail for three years for supplying a product that isn’t illegal!

To make it even worse, it now seems the ACC is concerning itself with the impact of WADA-prohibited substances on the gambling industry. The ACC states:

…they have the potential to undermine the perception of a fair market, and therefore impact on the integrity of wagering markets offered on the NRL and AFL competitions, and other sports in Australia.

The IPA has previously argued that the ACC has lost its way. This is yet another clear example of the ACC wasting taxpayer funds, where it should be focusing on the most serious crimes and threats to Australia, as it was set up to do.


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