A victory for the Australian public

Yesterday I wrote about the shocking political party funding deal struck between the major parties.

But last night the Daily Telegraph reported that the deal was dead, after a strong backlash from within Coalition ranks:

Liberal sources confirmed last night there was overwhelming momentum to ditch what had previously been bipartisan support for the deeply unpopular plan.

The Coalition informed the government last night that it had withdrawn its support.

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus was still hoping the legislation might be voted on next week but admitted Labor “won’t be proceeding” if the Opposition dropped its support.

It has now been confirmed that the Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Political Donations and Other Measures) Bill 2013 has been defeated before it even hit the floor of parliament.

The real story here is that of the public outcry over a deal that would have seen taxpayers fleeced of around $60 million. Voters recognised that this “reform” package was an assault on representative democracy and they told MPs all about it, as explained in the Courier Mail:

George Christensen tweeted that he had received “many emails anti funding boost” and said “I share concern”.

and the Sydney Morning Herald:

Several MPs have told Fairfax Media their offices have been fielding calls from voters angry at politicians voting themselves more money.

Dropping the proposed legislation is a welcome development and a testament to the Australian public, not to mention an excellent result for representative democracy.


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