You cannot make this stuff up: Councils want to ban bird feeding


Petty bureaucrats and the over-inflated egos of local Councillors come up with some pretty stupid ideas, but this one takes the cake. You literally couldn’t make it up: According to a report in a Melbourne Council wants to ban people feeding birds:

Yarra Ranges Council wants to ban the feeding of cockatoos in parts of the shire in a bid to stop them damaging homes and property.

The council wants to use the General Provisions Local Law 2012 to stop people feeding or leaving food out for sulphur-crested cockatoos.

The new law would mean residents could be fined for feeding the birds in their backyards.

Councils are now actively seeking to get rid of birds that existed before we settled the land? Seriously?

According to one of the Councillors:

we are certainly not going to have “cocky patrol” but it gives us a legal framework to deal with genuine cases where people continue to feed cockatoos.

Another is reported to have said:

the feeding of cockatoos was a “damn curse” and that homes in Upwey had been destroyed by the birds.

And another:

said bird feeding at Grants Picnic Ground should be banned as well.

There does seem to be at least one Councillor with sense:

Chirnside Ward councillor Andy Wilcox was the only councillor to vote against the move, stating he had spoken to people who “didn’t think it was much of a problem” and that he was not convinced a ban would help.

The whole idea is clearly barmy. Councillors in Yarra Ranges appear to be collectively seeking to win this year’s Darwin Award after a near-victory by the City of Casey a couple of years ago.


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