What property rights?

Australians have never been less free to do with their property what they wish. Up until now, farmers have been enemy number 1 for those attacking our property rights (here is a previous FreedomWatch post about a WA agricultural body seeking to reverse the trend against farmers using their land).

However, the battle for property rights has come to the inner city. Richmond’s iconic Corner Hotel has been a live music institution in Melbourne for decades. But plans to build apartments nearby are threatening that status. Current planning laws dictate that residential developments built near established live music venues take precedence in noise disputes. So even if a venue was there first, it can be forced to turn the music down, close early, pay for soundproofing or face fines on the basis of complaints from residents.

Property rights are now so meaningless in Australia that individuals can have no certainty over what they will and won’t be able to do on their own property if someone moves in down the road.

Not to mention the impact on the live music scene.

The full story is here.


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