Brandis slams Roxon’s law

The Australian today published a a very encouraging article ($) by Shadow Attorney-General George Brandis on the draft anti-discrimination laws. These are the key paragraphs:

It appears the Senate committee examining the bill will next Monday be presented by the Attorney-General’s Department with “options” that include the removal of clause 19(2), which would have outlawed conduct that caused offence or insult.

However, those who have seen the bill for what it is – an outrageous attack on our most fundamental freedoms – shouldn’t be opening the champagne yet.

No decision has been made to abandon the provision, notwithstanding the strength of the community reaction against it.

Besides, there is a lot more wrong with the bill that the government has shown no sign of giving up on.

The entire history of the Gillard government’s attempt to use anti-discrimination law as a Trojan horse to impose a far-reaching regime of political correctness, which would reach into almost every corner of Australian life, has been marked by deviousness and outright dishonesty.


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