AHRC admits: we’d like less free speech

As Andrew Bolt pointed out yesterday, Australian Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs made a revealing admission on Sunrise on Sunday morning.

Asked about why the Commission was happy to retain “offend” and “insult” in section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act, but thought it went too far in the draft Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill when applied to other protected attributes (such as “political opinion”), Triggs admitted they’d really prefer for it to be illegal for all protected attributes. The only reason that it should not be extended, according to Triggs, is because of “the public voice” against the bill. Triggs went on to say that the public was opposed to these further restrictions on free speech “at the moment” – suggesting the Commission intends to continue to campaign to curtail freedom of speech (using taxpayers’ dollars).

You can watch Gillian Triggs comments, and the IPA’s Simon Breheny’s response in this video below:

This is yet more evidence that the AHRC is not a human rights agency at all, as pointed out by the IPA and Senator George Brandis. If it can’t be reformed it must be abolished.


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