Where is the Coalition on freedom of speech?

The IPA has mailed this hard-hitting letter to every Coalition MP and Senator, expressing our “very great concern” at the Coalition’s failure to outright oppose the Gillard government’s proposed changes to anti-discrimination law. As we’ve explained, the proposals are a massive attack on freedom of speech. The draft Bill also threatens fundamental legal rights.

We’ve written this letter after emailing all MPs and Senators about the government’s dangerous proposals the day after the draft Bill was released. We even included that email with our letter.

As John Roskam says in the letter:

It is alarming that the Coalition has to date failed to announce its opposition to the frightening restrictions on freedom of speech contained in the legislation.

And as we’ve said in the letter and I explained yesterday, the Coalition has been shown up on freedom of speech by former Whitlam staffer and current chairman of the ABC, James Spigelman.


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